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Adblue OBD2 Emulator for BENZ Trucks Plug and Drive Ready Device

Adblue OBD2 Emulator for BENZ Truck Adblue system

€90.00 Regular Price
€60.00Sale Price
  • AdblueOBD2 Emulator for BENZ Trucks Plug and Drive Ready Device by OBD2 Top 5 Reasons to Get AdblueOBD2 Emulator for Benz Trucks: Please make sure your truck has OBD2 Connector 1. ADBlueOBD2 is very easy to install. Just Plug it into OBD2 connector of truck or bus and remove the fuses mentioned. 2. ADBlueOBD2 will override ADBlue system instantly, it will stop the usage of adBlue liquid and disable Nox sensors. 3. Without any power loss of the engine or any warnings on the dashboard and in diagnostic system. 4. ADBlueOBD2 does not damage the engine and not cause any negative effects to the truck factory setting. 5. ADBlueOBD2 does not change any of the settings permanently. To turn back to the truck's original settings, just unplug adBlueOBD2 from OBD2 connector. AdblueOBD2 for BENZ Trucks Description: AdblueOBD2 is a Plug&Drive Ready device to emulate working adBlue systems and NOx sensors on trucks, which equipped with EURO 4/5/6 catalytic converter systems, even with damaged adBlue SCR system. Installation and Calibration for BENZ Trucks: 1.Pull the Key out from the ignition 2.Remove the following Fuses (MERCEDES BENZ) F1 3.Plug AdblueOBD2 into OBD2 connector 4.Turn on the ignition and check the level of adBlue, if it shows 50% or 70% 5.If any fault light appears on dashboard, delete via service scanner Legal Notice: AdBlue/DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is used to reduce NOx emissions in vehicles. We recommend you to use adBlue/DEF fuel. You can use this device, if you are unable to find a station to fuel up your adBlue/DEF tank. Certificates: CE/RoHS
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