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Our Best Quality Renault Can Clip is a fully functional dealer tool which will do the hard work for you by entering the VIN it will identify the vehicle and modules fitted.

BEST Quality Renault CanClip Dealer Diagnostic Kit

€250.00 Regular Price
€200.00Sale Price
  • With our Best Quality Can Clip you can automatically test all of the computers within the network and read the dtc’s stored giving you a full breakdown and meaning of the code unlike aftermarket scanners. Which this information you can then look at the wiring diagram side of the clip software to aid your diagnosis. Renault Clip makes analysing Live data is simple and effective especially when knowing all the information is correct unlike the problems you face with general scan tools with give you lots of readings that are out of scale or just incorrect due to Renault using so many different ecu’s and the tool not finding the correct one. Actuation of components on various modules is a great benefit with the Renault clips software when locating faults between circuits. This is not your worry now and you can swiftly fit new UCH modules configure them and even reprogram then which only a dealer tool will do and that will never change due to the software that needs to be loaded and configured as with reconfiguring airbag modules, abs, transmission ecu need to be not only fitted but coded and setup to the vehicle specification as they often come blank of the self. Throttle body resetting and ecu software downloads are simple and are often tasks carried out on regular service intervals with there common reoccurring faults, this is also common procedure with antipollution faults and regeneration. Functions and Features - computer test - automatic test of all computers - reprogramming - airbag test - scantool (OBD tests) - Base Doc (access to Technical Notes) - physical measurements - antipollution - multimeter Beware of Cheap Quality Tools on the market. All the Tools I am selling are the Best Quality on the Market. Buy from us with Confidence.
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