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iRing Finger Ring Mobile Cell Phone & Tablet Holder and Car Mount

iRing Finger Ring Mobile Phone & Tablet Holder

  • Hands Free Kickstand Phone Holder Stand with Easy Mount Car Hanger Hook Colour: Silver / Gray Will fit any flat surfaces- iPhone 4 4s 5 5s 6 6 Plus / iPad 2 3 4 Air Air2 Mini iPod Touch/Samsung Galaxy Note S5 S6/ LG Nokia/ Kindle/Fire Mobile Devices Rotating 360 Degree, Sticky Anti Drop Ring Stand Holder Polycarbonate plate, adhesive pad, and metal ring. Holds up to 8 lbs Comes with a stick-on hook for the car so you can use the phone hands-free. Will not leave residue. Reusable by washing adhesive pad with soap & water, and air dry. Have you ever experienced that feeling on the couch when your phone drops on your face? hahaha wait wait....What about the "omg she's taking forever" vibe from people lining up in the cafe while you figure out how to carry two coffees with one hand? (by the way, your other hand is having a date with your phone). On another note, size matters right? Because the big phones and tablets makes browsing better, and it also makes you feel important and somehow increases productivity. But wait... you can't properly handle your BIG phone or tablet with one thumb because your petite hands can barely grip side to side! Here we present a smart solution... The nifty iRing adheres to the back of your phone, phone cover, tablets, pads, cases and all to allow for easy browsing and handling of your device. The iRing rotates 360degrees and swivels 180degrees for the perfect angle for viewing and holding. The included mount can be used on a car dashboard, office wall, kitchen wall etc to hang your device. Cheers to saving your face, to efficient and productive work errands and most importantly cheers to not giving up on big things!
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