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The Ultra-Capacitor jump starter can be re-charged from the dead car battery (low voltage) for 3-4 minutes, and then at the touch of the Start button, it gives out constant 13.5V power supply to the car battery to jump start the car engine.



Built-in Super Capacitor

No Battery, safe and Durable

Extremely Fast Charging

Support up to 7L Petrol engine, up to 4L Diesel engine.


Automatic Alternator and Car Battery Analytics

Analytics report for the current status of the car battery, whether it is losing power or come to the end of its life, and give suggestions on whether the car battery should be replaced.

Analytics report for the alternator whether it is in good condition.


Super Long Service Life

No Maintenance Required – you can leave the Ultra-Capacitor jump start in the boot for a long time and it will still work like new. Unlike the traditional power bank style jump starter, the battery always dead when you need it.

Packing included:

Ultra-Capacitor jump starter main unit x1

Carry case x1

Car-charging cable x1

Cigarette lighter charging cable x1

USB charging cable x1

Manual x1


Packing included:

Ultra-Capacitor jump starter main unit x1Carry case x1Car-charging cable x1USB charging cable x1Manual x1

OBDII CAT Super/Ultra Capacitor Car Jump Starter

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