VAGCOM 20.4.2 VCDS 20.4.2 Diagnostic Cable HEX USB+CAN Interface for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda

VAG COM 20.4.2 VCDS 20.4.2 Diagnostic Cable

    1. Covers All Modules Including Airbag, Abs, Engine, Gearbox, Central Locking Etc.
    2. Read And Clear All Fault Codes Reset All Service Indicators Diesel Particle Filter (Dpf) Regeneration.
    3. Auto Scan All Vehicle, Adaptation And Full Long Coding
    4. Adaptation Saving Xenon Leveling, Instrument Cluster, Fault Code Clearing, Abs Fault Clearing, Rear Brake Replacement Retracts Late Model Handbrake For Pad Change, Throttle Body Adaptions, Service Lights Reset, Mileage Reading, Security Access, Output Tests, Immobilizer, Electric Windows, Key Coding And Much More!!!

    1. Is fully compatible with all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models through the current model year, including models using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics.

    2. Has a database of more than 14000 fault-codes and measuring-block texts.

    3. Can use the new 7-Digit PIN/SKC codes to match new keys in all immobilizer equipped VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda models.

    4. Allows you to view, log, and graph 3 groups of Measuring Blocks at once.

    5. Can access all control modules which require proprietary VAG modes running the KWP-2000 protocols (2001+ Teves Mk.60 ABS, numerous 2002+ modules), KWP6000 (CAN) and/or KWP7000 (UDS).

    6. Reset all service indicators

    7. Reads and clears all fault codes Covers all modules including airbag, ABS, engine, gearbox, central locking etc.

    8. Vagcom 20.4.2 Diagnostic Cable All the Tools from are the Best Quality on the Market. Buy from us with Confidence.

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